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What Makes Us Special

What makes us special ?

  • The warm, friendly, happy, family environment in the nursery
  • Our spacious unique farm site setting, woodland activities
  • Outstanding resources and provision, indoors & outdoors
  • The nursery is managed by 2 early years school teachers
  • The professionalism, experience  & qualifications of the staff
  • Imaginative planning, making  learning meaningful & exciting
  • Our ability to extend all  learners, to reach their full potential
  • We provide equality of opportunity for all children and families

Ofsted gave us an outstanding report it says about us

  •  All children show high levels of independence, curiosity, imagination & concentration, they make outstanding progress.
  • All resources and provisions are outstanding
  • Babies are content and settled because their health, physical and dietary requirements are well met.

We know choosing childcare is one of the hardest decision

Why choose our nursery care?

Your Child 

  • Your child is in a safe, happy, stimulating  environment
  • Your child will learn to have fun with friends of all ages
  • Your child will play, discover, explore, learn and create
  • Your child will have access to a wide variety of resources
  • Your child will learn social skills, accept structure and share
  • Your child will become confident, independent and  resilient


  • You will benefit from the flexibility we offer
  • You know we care about your child
  • You know your child will have fun learning each day
  • You know your child will make friends and socialise
  • You know we tell you information about each day


  • We are very professional, experienced and well qualified
  • We offer a calm ,warm, caring, home  environment
  • We are inspected by Ofsted & continually improve our practice
  • Ofsted judged our children make outstanding progress