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Parents Information

Parents Information  

  • The nursery is open all year 8am- 6 pm, it is closed for all public holidays
  • Children attend from 3 months to school age, up to 8 yrs during school holidays
  • School holiday childcare is optional, depending on a families needs
  • Sessions and times are flexible, rates will be calculated accordingly
  • 15 hours of Government Funded Sessions are available at no extra charge
  • As a healthy eating nursery, we provide all drinks, meals and snacks
  • Meals and snacks can be provided from home, fees will be reduced
  • Earlier or later sessions can be arranged by special arrangement
  • Fees are negotiable depending on the number of sessions per week

Please contact the managers for more information or email-  annette.bel@hotmail.co.uk

3 Year Government Funding

All children aged 3 years are eligible for government funded childcare, this is 15 hours weekly, term time only, additional sessions and meals can be paid for separately. A form has to be signed by parents each term, claiming funded childcare, the funding is paid directly to the nursery. Funding is only given the term after a child turns 3 yrs the terms are – spring term 1st Jan to 31st March, summer term 1st April to 31st August, autumn term 1st Sept to 31st Dec.

2 Year Government Funding

Some children aged 2 years are eligible for government funding, this is 15 hours weekly, term time only, additional sessions and meals can be paid for separately. It is not available to all families, please ask for advice or visit a government website to find out if your child is eligible. We can help you with your application.

EYPP   Early Years Pupil Premium

This is an additional government funding, to improve the provision for children aged 3 and 4 years. To apply parents/ carers must be receiving the following – income support, jobseekers allowance, employment and support allowance, state pension credit, child tax credit, working tax credit, universal credit and  immigration asylum support. This funding is applied for through the nursery each term. Your information will be confidential. We will inform you how the extra funding has been used to improve the provision for the children.

Save on Tax & National Insurance

Parents and carers can save Tax and National Insurance through employment, by paying childcare fees through a work based childcare voucher scheme. Inform your employer how much of your salary you want to spend on childcare, then let us know which voucher company your employer is registered with, we will give them all our banking details. Please email or phone for more information how the scheme works.