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Our Aims


General  Aims    To enable every child to achieve their full potential, to discover that their views and decisions are valid and respected. To help each child develop independence and a love of learning and curiosity in the world around them. To offer a wide range of experiences and learning opportunities, for children to experiment, explore, play, discover and become happy confident lifelong learners. To make the nursery a friendly, warm homely environment, where all children feel part of one big happy family. To offer professional advice about many aspects of children’s early development and learning. To provide equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice for all children and families according to their individual needs.

EYFS  To work within the Early Years Foundation Stage based on the 4 principles- A unique Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments, Learning and Development. The EYFS sets out welfare requirements, assessment and expected levels, a child should achieve by the age of 5. Children learn skills, acquire knowledge and demonstrate their understanding through 7 main areas of learning – Personal, Social, Emotional, Language, Physical, Literacy, Maths, Understanding The World and Art Development.

Curriculum and Topics    To use the 7 areas to plan the curriculum, suited to the individual needs, it is flexible and follows childrens interests, through playing, exploring, being active, creative and critical thinking. To develop learning through a wide range of themed topics such as seasons, all about me, babies, pets, transport, fairy stories, nursery rhymes, food, shapes, counting, Christmas, Easter, celebrations, other countries, festivals, colours, woodlands, mini beasts and a variety of stories and information books.

Policies and Procedures   To make all policies and procedures available to parents/ carers. The policies set down a consistent standard of practice, which provides the safest enriched environment in which children learn. All policies are discussed and shared with staff, they are reviewed on a regular basis. The nursery has a formal complaints policy. Any complaints should be reported immediately to the manager.

Staff    All staff will play a key part in running the Nursery, we have an open door policy, all staff work together as a team. The manager spends time each day working with the children. Staff will attend regular training courses to maintain high standards of care and supports our aims of continuous improvements. All staff will have their personal and room performances reviewed regularly. Staff will always be available to answer any questions or concerns about a child on a daily basis, this can be in private if requested.

Staff Qualifications and Ratio    To ensure committed, quality staff, they are selected for their qualifications, skills, capabilities and for their love of children. Both managers of the nursery have Qualified Teacher Status, one has EYPS. At least 70% of the staff have appropriate Level 3 in childcare, these are above the Ofsted requirements. The staff  to child ratios meet the Ofsted requirements, our policy is to exceed these.

Safety To provide a safe secure nursery site. To equip and maintain the nursery to the highest standard providing a wide range of facilities. To use the outdoors and indoors as the learning environment.

Partnerships   To develop a partnership between local schools, parents /carers, other early years settings, we welcome parents/ carers involvement at anytime. Daily diary sheets, regular parents evening, newsletters and progressive reports will keep all parents/ carers up to date with childrens development and nursery news. Links will be established with other childcare providers, if a child attends other settings. For children attending Ashdon Primary School, regular taster visits will be organised prior to starting school.

Healthy Eating  To encourage children to eat healthy meals. To employ environmentally friendly policies wherever possible to develop an understanding of sustainability and conserve energy.  We aim for children to have milk at least 3 times and at least 5 proportions of fruit or vegetables each day.

Other Events    At various times throughout the year, we will encourage children and parents to take part as little or as much as they choose to support events in the locality i.e. fetes or national events such as red nose day. Some geared towards fun, while others on the development of the children e.g. childrens outings, local charity events, nativity plays, parent’s evenings.